“Filled with friendship, adventure, and a lot of puppy charm, Finding My Yip is an entertaining children’s story about what it means to be brave.”


“Budding readers will easily connect with this story of growth and self discovery, set against a backdrop of human and animal attachment.”   


“This book was such a cute and heartwarming story.  I did not want to put it down.” 

 Melissa MacMaster

“Narrated by Boomer, the story is a cute intermediate read for animal lovers with likable characters.”

“This book was extremely adorable and I loved the message.”

Jamie I/New Jersey

“This would be a great read for any young reader, but definitely as an empowering book for children with speech deficits.”

Speech Therapy Resources 

Finding My Yip has a lot of layers for adults and children to work out together.”

Books, Tea, Healthy Me

“What a sweet cute story! The connection between Chloe and Boomer is exactly what the reader wants.”

Heather Clark

“This book is charming, heartwarming and explores themes such as friendship, overcoming fears and obstacles, practicing and trying your best.”

Penny lurkykitty

” … a heartwarming story about leaning on your friends and conquering your fears.”

Kim M Reads Books

“Boomer, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is unable to yip. Boomer lives with Nana Weathers, a musician who possesses a magical ring. Boomer quickly bonds with Nana’s nine-year-old granddaughter, Chloe, who has a stutter. Her big wish is to sing like Nana. Chloe and Boomer make new friends at dog obedience school and grow their confidence. By teaming up in the music room and gaining a little help from their friends, will Chloe and Boomer find their voices?”

Future Bookworms

Available on March 2, 2021

Finding My Yip


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