About the Author

Christine Isley-Farmer’s second book in her series, “Boomer’s Tales,” continues the adventures of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as the story’s narrator. Christine loves this dog breed and has owned 3 Cavaliers. She encountered her first Cavalier, Fleur, while performing with the Harrisburg Opera. She was captivated by the big brown eyes and gentle, lively nature of the breed. Her present Cavalier, Dylan, likes to walk with her, chew on his favorite treat-stuffed Kong toy, and snuggle next to her in a recliner. Christine, a classically trained singer who has sung professionally in the US and Europe has also been a voice teacher. She is Professor Emerita of Music at Middle Tennessee State University. The stories in opera and song have fascinated and inspired her. The power of stories and music’s healing qualities have woven their way through her life and have found voice in her writing.

Available on November 9, 2021

A Hard Nut to Crack


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