A Hard Nut to Crack

An upset Robbie shows up on the doorstep of the home of his friends Chloe, Boomer, and Nana Weathers.  His dog, Hoppy, disappeared from his back yard.  When Hoppy hasn’t returned by the next day, family and friends spring into action.  Boomer makes friends with two squirrels in a squirrel network who offer to help with the search.  Will the piling-up clues lead to a reunion for Hoppy and Robbie?

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“If you are looking for an easy to read story with your child centered around animals, good morals and life lessons this is the series for you!

jayme_reads (goodreads.com)

“This book is great for early readers, short chapters that will keep their attention. It’s got a magical aspect that every childs imagination will enjoy. “

Book Dragons TBR (goodreads.com)

“I think as adults it’s important for us to have these reminders that children’s books always give us on being kind, telling the truth and working together.”


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