Camp Resound

Nana Weathers, Chloe, Shannon, and Boomer head to summer music camp. There, they unexpectedly find Peanut, a dog they’d met at obedience school who was a bully.  Peanut’s human, Jack Hunter, a violinist, serves as counselor and lifeguard. Chloe, Shannon, Nana Weathers, and Boomer make friends with young Carlos Garcia. Carlos doesn’t want to be at Camp Resound, because some not-so-nice kids tease him. Can Carlos’s newfound friends help him have a different experience than he expected, and will Boomer and Peanut find a way to bury the bad bones between them?

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” …  brings together some familiar characters from the prior 2 books and introduces some new ones for a fun new adventure at summer music camp. Boomer teams up with a former rival from dog obedience school to help a young and talented violinist solve a mystery from his past.”

“What a fun new adventure for Boomer and his friends in a book that’s perfect for kids. This story takes place at a Summer Music Camp, it’s full of old and new characters.

Book 3 of the Boomer’s Tale series brings together characters from the first two books and introduces us to some new ones. Through the book the characters must overcome struggles, learn lessons, and most importantly grow together.

If you’ve got kids I highly suggest grabbing this series. Each book teaches such an important lesson you can apply to your lives. With the holidays coming up it would make the perfect gift. “

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