Long Lost Elvis

A donkey runs out in front of Nana Weathers’s car when she, Chloe, and Boomer are returning from Camp Resound.  Mr. Brown, a farmer, drives upon the scene. To thank them for keeping his donkey, Elvis, safe, Mr. Brown invites everyone to his farm. There, they discover that his wife’s favorite painting is missing, and so begins a new mystery for Chloe and friends to solve.  Will their efforts be successful, and what surprises will they learn about Elvis, the runaway donkey?

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“This was such a thoughtful and engaging story for young readers. Longtime fans of the Boomer’s Tales series will love the continuation of this story, as readers are treated to a heartwarming tale of a young girl and her animal friends not only investigating this new mystery but getting to know this unusual and fun new animal friend as well. The imagery and subtle emotional tone of the narrative really played well with the narrative, as the reader delved further and further into Elvis’s backstory and the mystery of Mr. Brown’s painting.

The heart of this story definitely was the character development the author utilized. Not only did readers get to see the chemistry between the established characters shine brightly here, but the backstory of Elvis and the mystery of his past, as well as the emotional backstory behind the painting itself and the reality of who took the painting itself at the end of the narrative.”


“What do a lost donkey, a stolen painting, and a would-be thief have in common? This book will help children sharpen their reading skills as well as their analytical thinking. With its themes of understanding, forgiveness, and compassion, the story keeps children entertained with characters from previous books in the Boomer’s Tales series, while adding new ones. And in the process, Chloe, her faithful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Boomer, – and her wise grandmother Nana Weathers help to solve mysteries and help those who are lost to find their way home. I found it to be carefully written in a way that teaches children correct grammar, and challenges them to connect story lines. There are plenty of fun antics along the way, and the illustrations help to bring the story to life. I thought it was very imaginative and original, and I highly recommend it.”


“Animals, old and new friends, new experiences, mystery and magic, make Long Lost Elvis a fun read for children of all ages!”


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