Bongo Learns His Lessons

When Shannon’s relatives take a trip, they leave their parrot, Bongo, in her care. She soon learns that Bongo squawks mean words. Nana Weathers, Boomer, Chloe, and Shannon involve Bongo in their musical activities to encourage better behavior. Meanwhile, the group learns that another basketball player is bullying Robbie on the court. How will the group help him? And can they help Bongo leave bullying behind?

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“I love the Boomer’s Tales series of Children’s books, narrated by Chloe’s Cavelier spaniel, Boomer. In the 5th book, “Bongo Learns His Lessons” the children experience rudeness and bullying from some of the other characters. However, with the help of Chloe’s grandmother, Nana Weathers, and other friends, the children learn how to deal with these behaviors while maintaining kindness. At the end of each book is a “Fact Dictionary”, identifying and explaining topics introduced in the story, followed by a full chapter of the next book, preparing the young reader for Boomer’s next adventure!”

Bongo Learns His Lessons (Boomer’s Tales): Isley-Farmer, Christine, Bills, Taylor: 9798986148977: Books

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